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A New Years' Resolution to Keep

By: Lori Ciotti, LICSW, Regional Assistant Vice President for The Renfrew Centers.

Posted on January 21, 2019

As 2018 is in our collective rearview mirror and we look to welcome a new year, it is traditional to reflect on things we want to improve upon, and make changes. The inspiration for my proposal here comes from the actions taken by a patient we treated this past year: Believe that you deserve care, and use your voice to fight for it!

This patient's insurance company was not willing to consider out of area options, even though she had already attempted the few in-network options unsuccessfully. As we fought to get her treatment authorized, she did something unorthodox, with a remarkable outcome: she wrote a letter to the insurance company to advocate for her care…and then posted it on social media. Through the sharing of her passionate plea, the Medical Director of the insurance company contacted us to say that they would be willing to enter into an agreement with us for her care, despite the limitations of her plan.

Please remember that your voice matters. Do whatever you can and be relentless; write letters, call your Insurance Commissioner, post to social media, keep fighting for your care! Let this be the year that you not only take control back from your eating disorder, but also the year that you use the power of your voice to break down barriers.

Lori Ciotti, LICSW, is the Regional Assistant Vice President of Operations for The Renfrew Centers. Ms. Ciotti received her Bachelor's degree from Tufts University and her Master's degree in Social Work from Simmons College. Prior to opening Renfrew's Massachusetts site in 2014, she was the Corporate Clinic Director for a multi-site mental health facility in the Boston area. Ms. Ciotti is a frequent speaker at professional events and on college campuses about the risks and treatment of eating disorders, and has been featured in The Boston Globe, Health magazine, SELF magazine, and
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