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Are You Forgetting to Have Fun

By: Lara Pence

Posted on July 05, 2016

We have a tendency to take on the seriousness of life throughout our day and forget how important it is to have fun. As a society, we have become more attached to outcome and less grounded in process. We focus on what will make us successful, more productive, more perfect. Sound familiar? Not great, right? Not only can perfectionism and attachment to outcome be a soul crusher but it can also be a barrier to allowing yourself to enjoy the present! What would it be like to strive for enjoyment, for fun, for joy. What if you worked equally as hard on having fun as you did at one time on your eating disorder – can you imagine what fun you would have visiting a playground, seeking out a dance party, giggling with coworkers, watching a funny movie, reading a comedic novel, telling a joke, or laughing at one? Life is incredible but we have to laugh at it sometimes to really see its beauty.
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