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'Celebrating Our Victories!' - 2017 Reunion Testimonial

By: Jennifer K., Renfrew Alumna

Posted on May 29, 2018

I had the privilege of sharing my story at the 2017 Renfrew Alumni reunion. Speaking to 75+ alumni and their families was a deeply profound and unforgettable experience. Three years ago, I admitted to residential treatment at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia. Now, to return strong in mind and body, unwavering in my commitment to my healing path, and as an eating disorder professional was truly an unforgettable moment. As I stood at the podium, surprisingly calm and at complete ease, I was filled up with all the moment held—gratitude, joy, peace, and the collective strength of all who attended.

After sharing my recovery story, we split off to attend a variety of workshops. It was hard to choose which ones to go to, as all the topics were a valuable opportunity to connect with others and refresh my tool set. As I sat in the Manor House for the Mindfulness group, memories of going to Community group and MFG brought a smile to my face and a lightness to my heart. Those days felt at once far away and just like yesterday. How grateful I am for having had experienced them, no matter how miserable, frightening, and painful they may have been.

After lunch, I attended the TSAB group and closed the day listening to a powerful recovery story by an inspiring alumnus. I felt blessed to hear her story, as I could so intimately relate to what she shared about her life and recovery.

It was a true gift to spend the day with the Renfrew staff and alumni, to feel connected to the community, and supported in my continued journey. We are blessed to have "home" to return to each year to celebrate our victories and receive new energy to keep moving forward.

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