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Change: It's Not So Bad!

By: Hannah Beaver, LCSW, Alumni Coordinator

Posted on July 23, 2018

In last week's recovery webinar, I had the pleasure of discussing one of my favorite topics: how to manage life changes while staying on track. Change is a beautiful part of life, yet it can also feel incredibly scary. Since it's something that we can't live our lives without, it's important to know how to approach these transitions with courage and trust in ourselves that we can take it on. No matter what the change might be, big or small, good or bad, it can still feel like a challenge that we need to adapt to.

During the webinar, there was a rich discussion with great participation from the attendees about the different types of transitions that can occur, and how these changes might make recovery feel a little harder to hold onto. Though each person may deal with times of change differently, below are some tips to help ease into life's transitions without feeling totally derailed.

1. Prepare! Plan ahead when you know a change is coming and put all the resources you may need in place so you have them available when the time comes.
2. Embrace the fear and resist the temptation to avoid. It's okay to feel scared of change but the more you put it off or try to hide from what's happening, the harder it will feel.
3. Believe in yourself and your ability to get through whatever is coming your way. Focus on what you're doing well and use that as encouragement.
4. Practice flexibility and go with the flow! Change can throw everything out of wack and it's important to keep expectations lower at this time. It's okay to not feel totally in control at all times.
5. Enjoy it! No matter how hard or scary change may feel, it's an incredible part.

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in last week! I hope you are able to participate again in next month's webinar, scheduled for August 15th!

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