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Blog posts in April, 2016

Lara Pence Authenticity at Its Best April 25, 2016

The term authenticity is thrown around in the recovery process as if it's something you can catch, like the flu or a baseball. You catch it and you're golden (although that wouldn't quite be true if it were the f...

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Lara Pence Tapping into our Internal Awesome April 18, 2016

As a society, we spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money on things that others tell us will make our life 'better'. Self-help books, gym memberships, workshops designed to enlighten, 'clean' cookboo...

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Lara Pence Supporting Your Recovery April 04, 2016

It's not easy to tell others that you need help. Asking for help is something that society often tells us is weak and riddled with vulnerability. Weakness, absolutely not. Vulnerability, for sure! But what's so w...

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