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Blog posts in September, 2017

Megan Coral, MS, LMFT from The Renfrew Center of Northern New Jersey Social Media and Body Image September 25, 2017

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - to name a few) seems to be everywhere and most of us belong to at least one network. We can't look at a picture, read an article, or check the weather without an ...

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Jenny Alovis, Alumna Ana, Not This Time September 18, 2017

You've been around the block, And you've been around the world, Stealing people's hearts and putting them through hell, You know how to knock me down, And you think that I can't hold back, But you ain't se...

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Julianna S. Growth September 11, 2017

This painting is featured in Renfrew's 2017 Art Calendar. From the alumna, "my inspiration comes from words, whether it be favorite quotes, listening to other people's stories, or just my own thoughts. This is o...

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Hannah Beaver, LCSW, Alumni Coordinator Change in Season, Change in YOU September 05, 2017

As summer winds down, we often find ourselves exposed to the various changes happening all around us, whether it's through the changing colors of nature, or the plethora of "back to school" messages, it's hard t...

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