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Blog posts in January, 2018

Rebecca Schneider, Renfrew Alumna Alumna Recovery Testimonial January 29, 2018

January 23rd is the one year anniversary of my discharge from The Renfrew Center of Florida for residential treatment. I'm in a completely different place than I was last year. At this point last year, I was s...

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Allison Guenther, Renfrew Alumna What Are Your Values January 22, 2018

We've all heard it before, recovery isn't a straight trajectory. It's a squiggly line with dips and loops, generally trending up in the direction of progress. It's very hard to see that however, sitting alone, we...

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Sue M., Renfrew Alumna The Voice January 15, 2018

While working with my treatment team, both in and out of Renfrew, I came to learn that I had a loud, critical and powerful voice in my head. With their help I was able to stop this voice and take back my life. ...

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Renfrew Alumni Resilience January 08, 2018

These images are featured in our 2018 Art Calendar. The focus of this group was on resilience. Participants identified examples of healing in nature, history and the body as well as collective struggles and indiv...

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Shalini Wickramatilake, Renfrew Alumna The Joy of Stillness January 02, 2018

Steps. Miles. Days. My life had been reduced to simple arithmetic. All I cared about was the tally at the end of the day of how many steps I'd taken, the number of miles I'd run, and for how many consecu...

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