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Blog posts in February, 2018

Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, CEDS, F.iaedp, Vice President, Professional Development, The Renfrew Center Foundation This Is ME February 26, 2018

Renfrew's 2018 Eating Disorders Awareness week theme, "This is ME", grew out of our belief that recovery allows for the re-emergence of each individual's authentic or true self, which has been overshadowed by th...

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Regina Papa, Renfrew Alumna Motherhood & Recovery February 19, 2018

Miles walked. Calories consumed. Calories burned. My mind attached itself to numbers - calculating, obsessing and planning all day long - for far too long. From a young age I always believed I was put on this ...

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Amanda L., Renfrew Alumna Body Apologies February 14, 2018

This image is featured in our 2018 Art Calendar. In this piece, the artist is apologizing to her body for mistreating it. This is a powerful exercise to directly address the body and take steps towards healing th...

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Julie H., Renfrew Alumna Gratitude February 05, 2018

I saw so many posts about 2017 being the worst year for many of my friends, and for the first time in years, that wasn't the case for me. I can't help but recognize how tumultuous this year has been for me, and a...

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