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Blog posts in August, 2018

Susan M., Renfrew Alumna Alumna Recovery Story August 27, 2018

I've been in successful recovery of my eating disorder for over 10 years. I'm compelled to share my story with those that are struggling now because, in the midst of the fray and tumult of my eating disorder, the...

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Elizabeth Black, MA, LCPC, Team Leader at The Renfrew Center of Chicago Self-acceptance August 20, 2018

Self-acceptance is to acknowledge things as they are, even if we prefer they were different. Two commonly held beliefs that interfere with self-acceptance include 1. That we cannot accept things we do not love or...

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Julia C., Renfrew Alumna Putting My Health Before My Career August 13, 2018

I was a teacher for eight years. During that time I was very focused on my work and over that time my mental health started to deteriorate after years of being underappreciated at a poorly run school. Each year m...

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Catherine, G., Renfrew Alumna Recovery is the Air I Breathe August 06, 2018

Inspired by the colors of emotions and the ever-changing road to recovering from an eating disorder, I created a picture to represent my journey to health and peace. The swirling colors stand for the sometimes ov...

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