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Blog posts in September, 2018

Rachel Tenny, MA, LPCA, Alumni Coordinator Meet Renfrew's New Alumni Services Coordinator September 24, 2018

Recovery is a process that continues beyond the walls of treatment and requires continued maintenance, check-ins, and motivation. I am thrilled to be the new Alumni Services Coordinator for The Renfrew Centers an...

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Hannah Beaver, LCSW Thank You and Goodbye! September 18, 2018

It is with the most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I write this post to all of you wonderful and courageous individuals, as I close the chapter on my time with The Renfrew Center. It has been an hon...

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Andrea A., Renfrew Alumna Vulnerability Rising September 10, 2018

The most challenging aspect to my recovery is learning that I am not in control and, in fact, I cannot control everything around me, despite what my eating disorder says. It has been grueling to surrender control...

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