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Blog posts in December, 2018

Rachel Tenny, MA, LPCA Happy Holidays! December 24, 2018

A few things to remember over the next few weeks: 1)Be okay with saying "no" when you need to rest. 2)Take time to do the things you enjoy. 3)Make sure you continue to meet with your team as you are able to....

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Rachel Tenny, MA, LPCA, The Renfrew Center Alumni Coordinator Relationships Impacting the ED Recovery Process December 11, 2018

Shame and secrecy cause by an eating disorder may break down relationships with friends, families, and peers…and more than that, the repercussions of your eating disorder will impact the relationship you have wit...

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Clea C. Love Is December 03, 2018

This artwork was created during an exercise about values and what I care about in life. Love is my God and love is what holds my life together. I use this to remind myself that love is abundant and all around me.

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