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Blog posts in July, 2019

Alumna, The Renfrew Center of Charlotte What is Recovery? July 29, 2019

What is Recovery? Recovery is a decision, A decision to make a different choice. The moment you decided you've had enough, And you're ready to find your own voice. Recovery is changing, Changing how y...

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Meghan Brown, LMHC, Admissions Coordinator at The Renfrew Center of Massachusetts Connections: A Recipe for Recovery July 22, 2019

There is a reason that Renfrew's bi-annual alumni newsletter is called Connections—they are the foundation of sustainable recovery. The skills we teach and the theory we practice are vital, and they aren't near...

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Liz Marino, RD, LD, CSSD, Regional Nutrition Manager for The Renfrew Center Eliminating Morality from Food Choices July 15, 2019

The problem with associating food choices and character is that it implies your character is contingent on what you eat… and it's not. Your worth is not hinged on what you eat. You are not better because you...

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Elyse T., Renfrew Alumna Alumna Testimonial: Elyse T. July 11, 2019

My name is Elyse, and I am 29 years old. I battled anorexia my entire childhood. My eating disorder had quite a grip on my mind and controlled a large portion of my childhood and early adult life. We do have a c...

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Heather Rizzo MSW, LCSW, Primary Therapist at The Renfrew Center of Southern New Jersey The Positive Power of Neutrality: Accepting Yourself as Y... July 08, 2019

On June 25, 2019, The Renfrew Center of Southern New Jersey held our summer alumni event focusing on the themes of acceptance, appreciation and body neutrality. We started off the group with a three-point check...

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Beth Tiras, LMFT, Team Leader at The Renfrew Center of Los Angeles What is Mindfulness Anyway? July 01, 2019

Mindfulness is a word being thrown around a lot these days, and placed on things such as coloring books, music and pre-recorded meditations. While mindfulness can potentially play a part in all of these things,...

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