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Blog posts in September, 2019

Kayla O., Renfrew Alumna Making Messes and Embracing Imperfection September 30, 2019

I was wrapping up my final undergraduate semester in December 2016: academically successful, surrounded by great family and friends, and was just hired as a 3rd grade teacher before I even graduated. On the i...

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Rachel Tenny, MA, LPC Webinar Recap: What's in your Backpack? Self Care Tools f... September 23, 2019

Last week on Wednesday, September 18, we had the privilege of having Dr. Laura Minch McLain, Site Director at The Renfrew Center of Atlanta, share with our alumni ways to continue to take care of themselves whe...

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Tori, Alumna, The Renfrew Center of Radnor A Letter To You September 16, 2019

This letter is to you. The you who may be struggling right now. The you who's maybe had a rough day, terrible week, or even a little relapse. The you who doesn't know how much longer you can hold on. The you wh...

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Liz Gural, RD, Registered Dietitian at The Renfrew Center of Southern New Jersey Who You Follow Matters September 09, 2019

Has logging into your social media account ever upset you almost immediately? Maybe you saw an "influencer" or celebrity promoting a "detox tea" or a new juice cleanse, or maybe you received a message from an o...

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Danielle D., Renfrew Alumna "Pushing Against the Tide" September 01, 2019

We were asked to depict an emotion that we are most uncomfortable with, and I chose sadness. I've been learning to let it in in small waves, but it is often an emotion that overwhelms me, like a huge ocean surg...

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