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"Feelin' Indigo, How 'Bout You?"

By: Julia Y., Renfrew Alumna

Posted on March 25, 2019

"Prior to entering recovery, I felt more alone, depressed, frail, helpless, and hopeless than I've ever felt – hence the isolated blue flower. It's ensnared in weeds, which, externally, appear to enhance the flower's beauty – but all the while these weeds are sucking up the flower's nutrients as it slowly decays – just like my eating disorder did to me. But now I'm the Venus flytrap, shamelessly grabbing life by the horns, getting what I need to survive and nourish myself."

-Julia Y., Renfrew Alumna

Julia's artwork is featured in The Renfrew Center Foundation's 2019 Art Calendar. Each piece of artwork in this calendar was selected because it contains a deep truth that is illuminated in beauty through the visual language. The pieces were chosen from thousands of compelling works of art that have been created in art therapy groups at The Renfrew Center. To order your copy, please click here.

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