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Focusing on the Good

By: Lara Pence

Posted on March 21, 2016

It's hard to focus on the good sometimes. As a society we are so good at picking out the bad, the what needs work, and the fixable. It can sometimes feel like our eye is trained to see the "what's wrong with this picture?" instead of the "what works?" Granted, we've learned this since childhood...literally. Remember those, "which one doesn't belong?" games? There were a whole lot more of those than the "what's right with this picture?" games.

Through your recovery journey, however, focusing on the good - your good, what's going well, and the positive things that surround you - is an essential part of this process. It's important that you begin to develop a language for talking to yourself in a way that points out your accomplishments and the things that feel good instead of just the things that need improvement. Lots of people might be asking you questions like, "What do you need to work on?" and "What are you still struggling with?" Believe me, I know. As a therapist it's my job to sometimes ask those questions so I'm well aware of how often they are brought up! And undoubtedly they are important. But perhaps a more important question is, "What's going really well?" and "What feels good right now?" Even as I type this I think to myself, 'I'd like to start asking that more!' Developing this type of language will undoubtedly assist you in pinpointing the positive things that can help propel you forward and act as a backbone to your own recovery.
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