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How to Get a Bikini Body? Put a Body in a Bikini.

By: Savannah Fernandez, M.S., The Renfrew Center of Baltimore

Posted on April 27, 2020

As winter fades away and the warmth of sunny spring is on the rise, the classic craze and conversation about getting "bikini body ready," is ever-present. You experience it almost anywhere: social media, television shows, gyms, grocery stores, your place of work, your social circles, etc. Your friend is doing keto, your neighbor just joined cross-fit, and skinny tea and smoothies are all over your timeline. It's everywhere.

This is not to shame those who partake in diet culture, because everyone is on their own journey with their relationship to food and their bodies. However, the pressured expectation surrounding body size and a given season is dangerous and contributes to stigma and stereotypes. The message implicitly states you cannot be beautiful nor enjoy these upcoming warm months unless you fit this preconceived body ideal. However, this is not an absolute truth.

We are living in a constantly changing world, and to uphold rigid beauty ideals and gender stereotypes can severely limit the human experience. Your life and your self-worth extend far, far beyond body ideals. You are beautiful and can enjoy the warm weather in EVERY body size and type. The ads, the diet gossip, and anything and everything else cannot take your power away from you. Choose the media that empowers you, socialize with those who support YOU, wear whatever the heck you want, and take care of and love your body.

Savannah Fernandez, M.S, is from Jacksonville, Florida and attends graduate school at Loyola University Maryland for her doctorate in clinical psychology. She has a passion for eating disorder treatment, sports psychology, and social justice. She has been at Renfrew for the past eight months on a clinical rotation, and plans to continue working in the field of eating disorder treatment.
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