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How will you care for yourself this year?

By: Liz Marino R.D, L.D, CSSD, Regional Nutrition Manager at The Renfrew Center

Posted on January 14, 2019

Everyone understands that health is important. However, how we conceptualize health in our lives is equally important. If we are focusing on health only as an end-goal rather than a way of life, we will get very different results. This is because health is so multidimensional, healthy behaviors may vary day to day and actually change with the passing of each season of our lives. It's important for each of us to recognize if our desire for health comes from a place of shame and/or comparison to others or even from our past self; if so, we can learn to turn that desire around so that self-compassion is what is fueling the fire. Let's allow our physical, social, mental/emotional health to help us EXPERIENCE life in the way we find most meaningful.

Health means treating yourself with respect and care. How will you care for yourself in 2019?

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