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Independence For All!

By: Hannah Beaver, LCSW, Alumni Coordinator

Posted on July 02, 2018

As we approach the 4th of July, it's hard not to think about independence and freedom. These concepts are clearly connected to the holiday, but they also feel incredibly relevant to the process of recovery. When someone is struggling with an eating disorder, it can take away so much of that person's freedom. Instead, there is a sense of being trapped or kept prisoner to this other part of you that's in control. Throughout the recovery process, individuals will slowly begin to recognize their separation and sense of independence from the controlling force that was their eating disorder. The liberation that's felt as a result is energizing and deserving of celebration — just as we celebrate our independence on the 4th of July!

No matter what part of the recovery process you may find yourself in, there are parts of you that have found some sense of freedom from the eating disorder. Even in the very early stages of healing, just the recognition alone that there may be a problem and setting a goal to get better can be seen as initiating the independence from the hold. For those that may be further along in their recovery, the various ways that freedom exists away from the eating disorder are apparent in everyday life. Whether it's being free from the constant negative thoughts, or freedom with food choices, it's all worthy of recognition and celebration.

This 4th of July, find some time between the BBQs and fireworks to celebrate your own independence from your eating disorder. Share with those around you what you've been able to achieve and experience as a result of being free, and enjoy every moment of your liberated life as you continue on your path towards recovery!

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