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NEDAW might be over, but the awareness doesn't need to end

By: Hannah Beaver, Alumni Coordinator

Posted on April 02, 2018

Every year, I find myself with great excitement looking forward to NEDAW! There is something really special in being able to witness so many strong individuals band together to spread awareness about something so important. Incredible, brave stories are shared by those impacted in some way by this disorder, while working to crush the stigma that unfortunately still plagues the topic. It's an energized week full of inspiration that as much as I look forward to it, I also feel sad to see it go. As this year's week wrapped up, I found myself wondering why the actions and messages spread during this time can't continue all year long. Recovery is a constant journey, so why shouldn't the discussion be constant, too?

So many individuals feel liberated to share their stories or do some type of advocacy during this one week, and it would be so incredible to share that energy throughout the whole year. Challenging the stigma, giving yourself the voice to share and helping others seek help are all so important to this journey of healing, and should be something that occurs each and every day in some way.

Because of this, I've decided that I will embody this spirit and make the commitment to do something each month (at a minimum) to help spread awareness and advocate for this cause, and I encourage each of you to join me and do the same.

Some ideas on how to do this:
  • Educate at least one person in your life or even a stranger on eating disorders, your recovery and what it has meant to you
  • Engage in some type of advocacy — e.g. write to an advertisement agency that posted something against body positivity or related topics
  • Post on social media about your recovery journey
  • Take 15 minutes to do some self-reflection about how far you've come in your recovery process and feel PROUD of your journey

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Christal 20 days ago

Sometimes I forget how far I've come. Taking time to reflect is so important. Especially when I'm having bad body image days, I am able to take a step back and tell myself that I have grown soooo much.