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"Pushing Against the Tide"

By: Danielle D., Renfrew Alumna

Posted on September 01, 2019

We were asked to depict an emotion that we are most uncomfortable with, and I chose sadness. I've been learning to let it in in small waves, but it is often an emotion that overwhelms me, like a huge ocean surge.

However, Renfrew has allowed me to build tolerance to its force; my urges to instantly build a wall and oppose it have weakened. Now, sadness is not as scary, and I can keep my head above the surface when I let it in.

Danielle's artwork is featured in The Renfrew Center Foundation's 2019 Art Calendar. Each piece of artwork in this calendar was selected because it contains a deep truth that is illuminated in beauty through the visual language. The pieces were chosen from thousands of compelling works of art that have been created in art therapy groups at The Renfrew Center. To order your copy, please click here.
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