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Reasons Why

By: Megan O., Renfrew Alumna

Posted on March 02, 2020

Reasons why I DON'T want to change:
My eating disorder has become a feeling of security for me, it's where I feel comfortable. It makes me feel like I have control over something and it's predictable. My eating disorder feels like a part of "me." I don't want to change because it is scary, and I am good at life with an eating disorder. My eating disorder has given me something to keep focused on and it provides me with a routine and structure.

Reasons why I DO want to change:
Changing to me means true, pure freedom! I feel trapped by the cycle and receptiveness of my eating disorder and I want to be able to be more spontaneous. I want my personality back—I want to be able to express who I am again without the distractions of my eating disorder. I've been unable to fully engage with my family and I want to be able to connect with them again. I want to be ME.
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