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Reconnecting with Art Therapy: Artwork by Alum Maia C.

By: Maia C., Renfrew Alum

Posted on November 11, 2020

alum art 1alum art 2alum art 3In the first piece, I was remembering both the small, black and white doodles I made in residential treatment, and also how it felt like I was circling through the same patterns again and again without a clear direction. In the second piece, I was thinking about how it still feels like I'm circling through the same patterns, memories, and themes, but there's a little more space for new approaches. It was important to me that the two pieces fit together, because this experience doesn't often feel aligned with a "then and now" binary since I'm still circling through the same things I was a year ago. That being said, it feels like there's more room to play with color now-- more room for possibility and hope.

I also shared in group that in the process of making this, I realized I have amassed a variety of art supplies-- enough to play around with different materials before settling on something for this activity. The idea of spending money on and making space (in a tiny, two-room Manhattan apartment) for a hobby just for myself feels pretty radical! I'm still working on extending that permission to other areas of my life, like food, but that's a work in progress. I'm lucky to have a solid outpatient team beside me, and I've been working with an art therapist! I'm so grateful to the work I got to do with The Renfrew Center in residential last year and how that opened possibilities for me that have continued to grow.

- Artwork and description by Renfrew alumna Maia C.

This is the final of three installments sharing artwork created by participants of the September 2020 virtual alumni workshop "Reconnecting with Art Therapy," led by Sondra Rosenberg, ATR-BC, Creative Arts Therapies Supervisor at The Renfrew Center.

If you are an alumni who is interested in attending a "Reconnecting with Art Therapy" workshop, the next one will be on Tuesday, November 17, from 6 – 7:30 p.m. EST. Click here to register.

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