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Recovery Checklist: Anniversary Edition

By: Erin Birely, LCPC, Team Leader of the Renfrew Center of Baltimore and Alumni Coordinator

Posted on July 27, 2020

Anniversaries, both positive and negative, can bring up expectations and reminders of the past. As thoughts emerge during this time, you may notice more urges for disordered behaviors as well.

Use the checklist below to help support you through reliving an event and processing the emotions the anniversary may have you experiencing:

- Find Balance: when looking back on an anniversary, try to look forward, too. Consider what you want to continue working on, and what you would like to accomplish, as you continue to move forward.

- Look at What Has Changed: take time to acknowledge what has shifted over time - both the positive and the negative. Notice how sometimes, just with time, things can change.

- Review Your Routines: look at what has become part of your routine. Evaluate what is continuing to help you, and what it might be time to reduce.

- Reinforce Your Positive Routines: take time to reinforce the routines that are helping, like your meal plan and therapy appointments. This might not be the time to let these things slip.

- Talk About the Anniversary: avoiding our thoughts usually leads to them building up. Use the time around the anniversary to not just talk about the event itself, but also the thoughts and beliefs around it, with your support system and outpatient team.

This recovery checklist can be found in the spring 2020 issue of Connections, Renfrew's alumni newsletter. Published twice a year, Connections highlights alumni recovery stories, upcoming events, tips and tools to stay in recovery and much more. To read the Spring 2020 issue of Connections, please click here.

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