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Recovery Doesn't Have To Be Spooky

By: Rachel Tenny, Alumni Coordinator

Posted on October 29, 2018

Halloween is a time where we purposefully seek out things that are creepy, scary, and spooky. Whether it is a haunted house, a corn maze with zombies, or an old scary movie. There is something about being afraid that is fun in the context of Halloween, where anticipation and excitement are built up.

Think about fear you have experienced recently related to your personal recovery. Maybe it was surrounding a meal that felt more challenging, buying a new clothing item, or setting a boundary with a friend or family member. While the type of fear is very different, one thing underlies both: fear is normal, but it isn't always adaptive if it keeps you from doing things that are beneficial long-term.

Feeling fear when you are in a haunted house and someone jumps out at you is an adaptive way to make sure you are safe. Feeling fear when you sit down to a meal that is challenging is less adaptive, because while it can be incredibly overwhelming, there is no immediate danger.

Even if you aren't dressing up or trick-or-treating, take time to process the current fears you have right now. Identify if those fears are adaptive (AKA keeping you from physical harm). If you feel like you are living in fear of how recovery may change your life, challenge yourself to engage in actions that feel the opposite of what your fear is wanting you to do. The more little challenges you face, the more you will feel capable of dealing with spooky situations.

From all of us in Alumni Services, have a fun and safe Halloween!

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