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Riding the Wave

By: Megan K., Alumna of The Renfrew Center of Charlotte

Posted on June 29, 2020

Life seemed pretty good after Renfrew; however, I learned recovery brings ups and downs. You will have many great days, but also some difficult ones. This is okay! One of my favorite sayings in treatment was "ride the wave." This is so significant because it's so true. Urges are like a wave. There will be high urges, like a high tide, but they will subside. Soon, your urges will eventually fade into peace.

When the tough days do creep up, it is important to have "a toolbox" to handle them so you don't slip back into old habits. For me, self-care techniques, such as essential oils, candles, makeup and journaling, relax my mind and body. When I first started journaling, I found it difficult to start because I didn't know what to write. Realize it is your journal - you can write whatever you want! If you are having trouble starting, I recommend a gratitude journal. Every night/morning, I like to write down things I am thankful for.

The most important toolbox technique I continue from Renfrew are ARC's. Being able to sit with your emotions and feel is the best way to fully recognize why you are feeling the way you are. This also helps to not engage in EDB's and to feel when and why you are anxious/emotional.

Find some things you enjoy to build your "toolbox," so your techniques are ready for when you need them. And remember, like the wave, they will pass!

My name is Megan Kullick and I was discharged from The Renfrew Center of Charlotte almost three years ago. Since then, my recovery has been challenging, but I am in a completely different place – a healthy one. I have found ways to manage my anxiety and urges. I have learned to look at food as fuel, rather than the enemy. And, I have learned exercise is a way to move your beautiful body, not punish your flaws!
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