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Self-Assessment for Success

By: Lara Pence

Posted on June 27, 2016

Often we rely on the assessment of others to dictate how we are doing, feeling, or whether we are succeeding. We learn this early on – it's the grades from teachers, the accolades from coaches, the acceptance letters from college that often become markers for how successful we are. Sad really because our life is about so much more than grades and trophies. Values, relationships, how we chose to show up in the world – these are just some of the real tenants of living.

As you move through recovery, it's important that you dedicate time on a regular basis to take inventory of where you are, what you need, and how you feel. Here are a few questions that can guide you so that you can continue to walk on the path of recovery.

Honesty: Am I being honest with…
• Myself?
• My therapist?
• My family?
• My support people?

• What feelings am I trying to avoid?
• What feelings are most comfortable for me right now?
• Am I expressing how I feel with behaviors or words?

Using My Voice:
• How am I asking for what I need?
• How is my voice being heard?
• What am I doing to increase my voice and, therefore, my self-esteem?

Safety and Support:
• How am I keeping myself safe?
• Who is supportive of my current place in recovery?
• How am I using my support system?

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