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Spring Forward Towards Body Acceptance

By: Annie Baker, MS, NCC, Primary Therapist at The Renfrew Center of Radnor & Karen Sax, LCSW, Primary Therapist at The Renfrew Center of Radnor

Posted on March 18, 2019

Of the four seasons, Spring is the one which symbolizes a time of renewal, of new life. Trees and plants are turning green and animals are emerging from hiding. This period of freshness and growth is also a time to reflect on changes we notice, both inside and outside of our bodies, in order to move forward with new vibrancy.

Below are a few ideas to help you embrace this new time of year.

Spring is a Gift
"Spring breathes new life into the world around us" -unknown
Spring can be a time of renewed energy and promise for the future. Warmer temperatures and more plentiful daylight hours inspire us to switch it up and cultivate new routines.

Struggles Will Exist
In terms of body image, what could that mean? Perhaps challenging ourselves to peek out of hibernation by reaching out to friends, making plans and shedding bulky winter clothing. Spring invites us to get "unstuck" and explore the world around now that the dark, cold days of winter are behind us!

Engage in New Activities
In the past, maybe you found yourself too afraid or unwilling to participate in what Spring has to offer - it may have been your reluctance to shed layers of clothing from the winter, refusal to come out of isolation or the relative ease of staying stuck in your thinking traps. This year, allow yourself to focus on creating new thoughts and being in the present. Embrace mindfulness, take a walk in nature, notice a lovely fragrance, feel the gentle breezes and allow the sun to provide warmth to your body.

Focus on Hope
As Spring emerges, notice your experiences as they occur by being in the moment. Challenge yourself to see beyond your negative thoughts about your body so they do not dominate your experiences. Do not allow yourself to miss out on your own life; focus on the many gifts of spring that are yet to come.
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