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Thank You and Goodbye!

By: Hannah Beaver, LCSW

Posted on September 18, 2018

It is with the most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I write this post to all of you wonderful and courageous individuals, as I close the chapter on my time with The Renfrew Center.

It has been an honor to be a part of your brave journey towards recovery during my time as the Alumni Services Coordinator. As I prepare to transition out of this role, I've reflected on my time both in this position for the past two years, as well as my entire six years with The Renfrew Center of Radnor. There have been so many deeply impactful moments, both on a professional and personal level, but being able to witness the courage in all of you is something I will hold onto as I enter into this next phase of my life.

Embarking on the path towards recovery is not an easy one, and at many times, it may feel impossible, but yet I have seen so many of you persevere, leaving me inspired and proud. My time working with all of you has felt like a gift that I will be able to cherish and learn from throughout the rest of my career. This transition is bittersweet for me, as endings and new beginnings tend to be, I will miss being a part of this strong community greatly. My gratitude will be ongoing, as will my memories of my time here, and I wish all of you nothing but the best as you continue fighting this battle.

Thank you!

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