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The Body as a Container

By: Lara Pence

Posted on July 25, 2016

The body has often been marginalized as a shape, a form, a canvas on which judgments and opinions are projected. However, the body, our bodies are so, so much more. Our body is a truly an all-powerful vessel that not only holds our fantastic soul but also stores memories, information and feelings. Our body contains a vast amount of data that can help us understand our surrounding and ourselves. For example, when our heart beats fast it could be the first clue that we are anxious, or afraid, or even excited. When our muscles feel sore it may be the body's way of sending us a signal to slow down, provide yourself with a specific nutrient, or get some rest. Our body is a container for so much.

However, when we tune our body out, when we detach from our body, we lose access to a fantastic instrument. As you move through your own recovery, imagine what information may be held within your body that can help you understand yourself better. Does your heart beat faster 30 minutes prior to a meal? Perhaps that is the first clue that a relaxation tool needs to be implemented then, not postponing until you actually sit at the meal. Do you feel warm and fuzzys when you are with a specific support person? Maybe this person is someone you can practice being vulnerable and open with. Try to tune in more to this fabulous vessel that is your body, this wonderful encyclopedia of data, information and feelings. Work towards seeing your body as friend, something to connect with, rather than foe, something to detach from.

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