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The Encouraging Voice

By: Lara Pence

Posted on March 28, 2016

I was once told by a wise supervisor that one of the goal's in therapy is for the therapist's voice to be internalized by the client. The therapist becomes the voice of reason, rational thought, encouragement and with time this voice becomes the client's own internal dialogue, with their own touch of course. Undoubtedly, this process takes time and patience, as the critical and negative voice that often lies within individuals with eating disorders has most likely been there for some time.

One of the goal's of this website and blog is to provide you with a new perspective on things, help give you a new voice as you navigate the recovery landscape. The intent is to touch on a wide range of topics from body image, to self-esteem, to asking for support, even clothing! Certainly, if you've been through treatment before then much of the content in this blog will be a reinforcer rather than something new but that's the point. The more we hear something the more likely we are to internalize it and make it our own. So my hope is that you will continue to follow the blog and utilize its content to further your own recovery. Use the words provided here and make them your own by inviting them in to your journey. Thanks for listening and I look forward to this adventure together!

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