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The Quest of Discovery

By: Denisse Collazo, Renfrew Alumna

Posted on July 31, 2018

What does discovery personally means for me?

This past year of my life I've been on a quest to learn who I am meant to be without an eating disorder. In my mind I had this idea of treatment and recovery being the easiest thing that I would confront and once I went into treatment all I had to do was the work. Little did I know that I was far from the truth. Recovery became my quest of discovering me and learning about myself.

Recovery is truly about finding your inner voice; the true you that wants to learn what freedom really feels and looks like. It's been an uphill battle between the eating disorder voice and my real voice. The key of this quest is to be honest about where you find yourself on the path of recovery. I have to choose it daily. I have to be honest with my team and my support system. When I have hard days I have to remind myself how alive I feel when I am in the mindset of continual recovery. I am in the truth of Denisse!

I love adventure, discovery, trying new things, and enjoy all these things with people I love the most.

Discovery can be a scary path and it is the unknown that can become paralyzing but when the true you is present it actually turns to freedom and can be fun.

Denisse Collazo is 34-years-old and was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico. She currently resides in Orlando, FL with her beautiful 6 –year-old daughter named Isa Rose and her biggest supporter, her amazing husband Jonathan. They have been married for 8 years. She is currently finishing her Masters in Divinity and loves serving others. She finds joy in helping others in their life and in their journeys. Her desire is to be Clinical Supervisor Chaplain. She loves God, people and learning new things.

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