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The Resolution ARC: Staying Recovery Focused in the New Year

By: Janet Negrini, LCSW, Site Director at The Renfrew Center of Northern New Jersey

Posted on January 13, 2020

For many, the idea of a new year brings with it the idea of making resolutions. Staying recovery focused during this time can be difficult as we are bombarded with talk of making resolutions that center around dieting, exercise, and other potentially hazardous ideas for those with eating disorders. So, how do you know if a resolution is going to help you or hurt you? ARC about it!

First, identify what resolution you are making for yourself. Maybe it is directly related to recovery, or maybe it addresses another area of your life in which you want to make a change.

A: Stands for Antecedents - What are the antecedents, or past experiences/messages/goals, influencing your picking this resolution? What is going on for you at the time you are deciding to make this resolution?

R: Means your Emotional Response - What thoughts come up when thinking about working on your resolution? How do you feel physically when you think about making the change you'll need to make? What are the behaviors you will need to engage in to carry out this resolution? Any urges or avoidances that might make it harder to stick with your resolution?

C: Stands for Consequences (positive and negative) - What are the short consequences of changing the behaviors needed to accomplish your resolution? What about of accomplishing the resolution itself? What about in the long term? Are the consequences helpful for your recovery? If not, how can you adjust your resolution and expectations to keep yourself recovery focused?

Using an ARC can be an amazing tool to increase awareness of your New Year's resolutions and how they might influence your emotional reactions and your future. Use an ARC this year to help you stay mindful of the changes you want to make, what has led you to wanting to make those changes, and how those changes would impact you in the future.

Now that we're in the new year, we're excited to share our new move! The Renfrew Center of Northern New Jersey has officially moved to Paramus, NJ. Just 4 miles away from our previous location in Ridgewood, this new, bigger and brighter facility allows us to accommodate adolescent girls and women suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and related mental health problems. To tour The Renfrew Center of Northern New Jersey or to schedule an assessment, please call 1-800-RENFREW (736-3739).

Janet Negrini, LCSW, is the Site Director at The Renfrew Center of Northern New Jersey. Joining Renfrew in 2004, she worked as a Primary Therapist at the North Jersey location for ten years, and most recently held the position of Senior Admissions Coordinator. Ms. Negrini's former experience includes serving as Director of Social Work at Catholic Charities in Newark, NJ, and as Clinical Supervisor of its Partial Hospital Program in Union City, NJ. In addition to 15 years working in Eating Disorders, her expertise includes addictions treatment as well as working with the persistently mentally ill. Janet earned her Certification in Eating Disorders (CEDS) in 2018.

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