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Weight Fluctuations: Do They Mean I'm Doing Something Wrong?

By: Jillian Mergruen, RD, CDN, Registered Dietitian at The Renfrew Center of New York

Posted on March 16, 2020

Your weight fluctuates down two pounds one day, and then for some reason you see your weight a little later that week and it went up three pounds, and the world stops. "Is this because of the cookie I ate? Or the walk I didn't take? Or the water that I drank?"

I often have this exact conversation with my patients, as most struggle with the changes they see on the scale in program. If you are out of program, you likely aren't seeing your weight often, and weight changes may not bother you, or may bother you more because you aren't seeing constant shifts. The question I often hear is, "how do I tolerate these changes?" It can be hard…but I think the main take away is your body is supposed to have weight fluctuations, and all bodies do.

Weight fluctuates with water intake, bowel movements, food intake, monthly cycles, wardrobe changes, hair styles, you name it! "So why does it bother me so much?" you ask? Because it is not just about the weight, it is about the feeling of control that stepping on the scale brings you, and the peace and power you feel when the number stays the same or goes down that makes you feel as though you are doing something right.

I would encourage you to consider the intention behind stepping on the scale and obsessing over weight fluctuations. Often, it is a sign life is feeling more chaotic, but controlling your weight does not fix this, it just takes away your ability to live it.

Jillian Mergruen has been working as a Registered Dietitian at The Renfrew Center of New York after interning at The Renfrew Center of Bethesda. Jillian feels passionate about Renfrew's message and working with her patients to help them find freedom with food and in their lives.
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