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What is Recovery?

By: Alumna, The Renfrew Center of Charlotte

Posted on July 29, 2019

What is Recovery?

Recovery is a decision,
A decision to make a different choice.
The moment you decided you've had enough,
And you're ready to find your own voice.

Recovery is changing,
Changing how you cope.
The fight is hard and the journey is long,
But I promise you there's hope.

Recovery is a battle,
A battle fought each day.
To change the black and white thinking,
And learning to find the grey.

Recovery is crying,
Crying because you want to escape.
Because no one is perfect and sometimes you mess up,
But with time you learn to forgive yourself for each mistake.

Recovery is a process,
A process that takes time to accept.
Each day will bring its challenges,
It's a process you cannot perfect.

Recovery is feeling,
Feeling the guilt, anger, and fear.
You will be tempted to give up,
But you've worked so hard to make it here.

Recovery is tiring,
Tiring from fighting a constant war.
It's easy to get discouraged when it feels like no one sees you fighting,
But you have to remember who this is all for.

Recovery is strength,
Strength to resist the easy way out.
It takes strength to leave behind old habits,
And to leave behind your doubt.

Recovery is searching,
Searching for the person you want to be.
Each day is a chance to learn something new,
And a chance to take a step towards being free.

Recovery is happiness,
Happiness when you see the progress you've made.
It's hard to let go of everything from the past,
But with time the desire to go back will fade.

Recovery is worth it,
It's worth it for the moments you truly feel alive.
For every little victory that keeps you going,
And for the moments your thankful you made the choice to survive.
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