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What Will You Vote For

By: Lara Pence

Posted on August 01, 2016

It's no surprise to anyone that we are in an election year. Individuals across the nation are campaigning for their preferred new president. And in a few short months we will be asked to cast a vote. While heading to the polls is certainly important, there is another vote that I'm hoping you each consider; the vote for recovery.

There are some out there that may claim that, "the choice is easy." But we all know that's not always the case. For some your eating disorder may be that cozy, soft comfort blanket that provides you with safety during dark times. Letting go of that isn't easy. So no, the choice isn't always easy. But the vote DOES matter. How can you choose one course of action over another, one behavior over the alternative? What do you need to do to cast your vote for recovery?

A few things come to mind when I think of my clients and the brave alumni that I have met along the way who have chosen recovery. First, they needed hope. Hope that the other side will bring a life that is more fulfilling and less riddled with pain and confusion. No one can give you a guarantee but hope is essential. They also needed to feel supported. Support can come in many form, it doesn't have to be family. Friends, colleagues, community members, group peers, or even spiritual guiders can help provide the love and support needed to navigate those tumultuous waters of recovery. And lastly, they needed courage. Moving towards change, doing things different, confronting massive fears – all of that takes bravery.

As we move forward towards that big day when we will all cast our votes, my wish for all of you is that you get a jumpstart by electing recovery and campaigning for a new way of treating yourself.

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