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Virtual Community Event: Weighing the Effects of Social Media on Body Image - Charlotte, NC


Weighing the Effects of Social Media on Body Image
Virtual Workshop for the Charlotte, NC Community

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 • 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm (EDT)

Held Online
(A Zoom link will be emailed out prior to the event)

Facilitated by: Ava Pollack, MA, LCMHCA
Primary Therapist, The Renfrew Center of Charlotte

Individuals are bombarded with social media images and messages now more than ever. For those who struggle with an eating disorder, the consequences of these interactions are magnified and can create endless opportunities for self-comparison, unrealistic expectations and pressure to "fit in" or be "liked." The core elements of recovery that involve self-reflection, identity-building and inner strength are often challenged and thwarted by the false images and commentary served up on social media.

The Renfrew Center of Charlotte invites adolescent girls and women to join an engaging discussion on how to navigate the dangerous byways of social media and how to use it as a positive vehicle for change.

Space is limited for this event. For questions, please contact Tara Aquila at

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