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Items for sale

The Renfrew Center Foundation offers t-shirts, cookbooks, beach towels, water bottles and stickers for sale. All proceeds from the sale of these items go to support The Renfrew Center Foundation's mission of advancing the education, prevention, research and treatment of eating disorders.

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The Renfrew Center Foundation Items for Sale:
Expressing The Voice Within - Art Calendar

The Renfrew Center Foundation's 2017 Art Calendar is available. Each piece of artwork in this calendar was selected because it contains a deep truth that is illuminated in beauty through the visual language. The pieces were chosen from thousands of compelling works of art that have been created in art therapy groups at The Renfrew Center.

Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery DVD

Presents recovery stories that utilize two creative arts therapies- Dance Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy. These therapies provided an opportunity for the women whose stories are told, to express themselves when words and traditional psychotherapy alone were not enough. This 40 minute documentary features the work of Susan Kleinman, dance/movement therapist at The Renfrew Center of Florida and Carol Dietrich, drama therapist.

Foundation Water Bottle

The Renfrew Center Foundation offers water bottles that are clear with a purple Renfrew Center logo and purple cap.

"Beautiful" Shirt

The Renfrew Center Foundation "beautiful" shirt comes in adult sizes (S-2XL). The shirt is available in white (short sleeve and long sleeve) and in lavender (short sleeve only).

Cooking with Renfrew - Cook Book

The Renfrew Center Foundation is happy to announce a new Renfrew cookbook, Cooking with Renfrew. This cookbook features original recipes from Renfrew's kitchen, quotes from alumni and a guide to healthy eating for people in recovery.

Beach Towel

The Renfrew Center Foundation offers beach towels in white.


The Renfrew Center Foundation offers stickers. There are 10 stickers of each type per sheet.

30th Anniversary Alumni Shirt

The Renfrew Center Foundation 30th Anniversary Alumni shirt comes in adult sizes (S-2XL). The shirt is available in white (short sleeve only).

The Art of Recovery: Art Book
The Art of Recovery: Art Book

The images in this book are part of a collection that has come to be known as "The Art of Recovery." All of the artists agreed to share their work as a way to educate the public about what it is like to live with and recover from an eating disorder. This volume shows us the worlds beyond the surface of an eating disorder, offering us a unique visual lens through which to view these stories of struggle and healing and to make sense of underlying patterns of behavior that can often seem incomprehensible.