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Stories of Recovery

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Camden Cook

I entered The Renfrew Center of Florida in October 2012. Starvation had become my means of conveying the pain that I was experiencing. I had isolated from my loved ones and completely lost sight of myself in the midst of my eating disorder. The Renfrew community changed the course of my life. My nine month stay at Renfrew was long and difficult. In essence, it marked the beginning of my new life. I was able to gain independence from anorexia by confronting my personal demons. During treatment, I realized that my struggles did not solely revolve around poor body image. I began to discover who I was aside from my eating disorder. Keeping my priorities in mind was very important after I graduated from the Renfrew program. Accountability has helped me remain in recovery. I have gradually been learning how to accept myself on a daily basis.

I do not believe that it is possible to be genuinely happy or successful with an eating disorder. Anorexia had been restraining me from attaining my goals. My eating disorder became weaker and weaker every time that I decided to challenge it. The pieces of my life gradually reassembled after I left treatment. To this day, I have the power to make positive choices in my life. Recovery was a matter of changing my longstanding lifestyle. I encountered many struggles along my journey. There were quite a few occasions where I was tempted to give in. However, by remaining committed to recovery, I was able to obtain my ultimate goal…happiness. I am determined to help others whom are struggling by sharing my story.

Bio: My treatment process began in 2012 at The Renfrew Center of Florida. I stepped down through the different levels of the program over a period of nine months. I am currently pursuing theater at New World School of the Arts. My ultimate goal is to become a successful actress in the film industry. I am determined to help individuals that are struggling with eating disorders by sharing my story. My other passions include writing, reading, and engaging in volunteer work.