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Stories of Recovery

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Faatimah Curry

From a very young age, I looked completely different than the average girl. I was taller and more athletic than my female friends. I was told to embrace it and to my love my body. However, I didn't know how. At the age of 8-years-old I began restricting and dieting. I knew what foods to cut out and would only eat what was considered healthy/safe foods. My parents did their very best to care of my sister and me, however they both agreed it would be best if we attended boarding school in Hershey, PA.

I knew I wanted a different life for myself, especially growing up in poverty and not always having enough food on the table was a very real reality for me. At school, I began to fall into the awful and dark pit of trying to be perfect – the best athlete and the best student. But that meant I was losing myself in the process, stripping myself of freedom and love that I desperately wanted all along.

My time at The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia taught me multiple things. First and foremost that recovery is possible! But my experience also taught me to choose courage over comfort. Eating disorders can and will get comfortable but by choosing courage I prospered and prevailed. Recovery is a commitment I have to choose every day and that's the biggest lesson I could have ever learned.

Bio: Faatimah Curry is from Philadelphia, PA and is currently a junior at Temple University studying Early Childhood Education and Special Education. You'll find her checking the scores of NBA teams, watching an episode of The Golden Girls and helping build a church in Center City. She loves dance parties, good company, and a good nap!