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Stories of Recovery

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Nettie Reeves

Christmas 2015 was unlike any Christmas that I can remember, because it was the first Christmas of freedom from B.E.D. (Binge Eating Disorder). The past (I now realize) had been years of life-long conflict; pretending there was no issue, that I was normal, hiding in plain sight, that my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, and justifying that I could eat massive amounts of food while proclaiming, "If I gain weight, I'll just do 2 or 3 workouts a day and get it off." I knew how to because my professional business is fitness and nutrition. Ironic, you think? That's why I knew I didn't have a problem. At least not one such as this – and certainly not one like this that I couldn't solve. The real irony is that I was helping other with their issues all the while denying my own.

That was then, and this is now. I'm excited about today. This past Christmas was the first one that I can remember with my eyes wide open. Open to see what my mind refused to acknowledge in the past. Open to possibilities that there was something going on with me that I couldn't control and needed help. Open to the fact that I allowed outside forces to dictate my standard of beauty. Open to seeing just how far over the edge I headed. Open to realize that it was a blessing to seek help to make a change.

After spending some time in outpatient at The Renfrew Center of Charlotte in 2013, I was able to see myself objectively, from the outside in. The group and one-on-one sessions helped me gain the strength and fortitude to kick my B.E.D. in the butt! And since attending, it's taken a good year for me to see who I really am, and more importantly, what I can now become. Although the year wasn't met without triggers, they were met with the forces of breathing, self-care and the countless activities that I refer to from group. I feel free and open! There is no more obsessing over my outward appearance. My focus is on the characteristics that make me unique. Now I'm looking forward to the memories to come. Oh yes, and I am very careful in how I relate fitness and nutrition to myself and others.

Bio: Nettie Reeves is a fitness, life, and health coach; advising around the world. What began as a desire to help individuals' health, grew into a lifelong passion for all to improve the quality of their lives by leading, motivating, teaching, and sharing her story. She is the creator of Nettie Reeves' FUNky Fit which has been a fitness force in communities across the country over the past 20 years. Her mantra is "The mind, not the mirror is the judge." Nettie holds a BA in Communications and many certifications in the health and fitness arena.