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Stories of Recovery

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Renfrew Alumna

'To Eat'

I eat my words
Consciously chewing truth into fragmented pieces
Easier to stomach than reality.
I digest my demons
And dilute my desires-
Swallowing sentences and watering down words
Until they lack any nutritional value at all.
I attempt to nourish through negatives
And survive on subtraction
Filling the void with empty promises
And counting calories like currency
In an attempt to purchase the permission
To feel worthy.

But I deserve more
Than empty spoon-fed hope.
For I deserve a seat at the table
To welcome the warmth of a meal
And to receive the bread of life.
No longer will I eat my words
But rather I will live through them
Accepting love and compassion
Kindness and forgiveness
Feeding off of faith
And dining on deliverance.